Smartlife Energy

Better & Cheaper Multi Unit EV Charging

Smartlife EV Charging solutions for apartments, businesses and hotels are smart, flexible and cost effective.

Eliminate complicated schedules

  • simply switch on Eco Mode to automatically minimises cost and GreenHouse Gas from the non renewable energy sources often used at peak times. 

Make outcomes possible, save on capex

  • Large buildings rarely have enough spare power capacity in the building to support all carparks with fast chargers. The Smartlife load balancing solution solves this problem by controlling how much energy each charger is using
  • Smartlife also has a range of charging speed options which can balance actual needs of the users with the realities and economics of servicing them 

EV charging drives customer behaviour

  • Business owners, hotels and motels and businesses that want to maximise their customers’ stay are installing EV chargers. Smartlife solutions are smart and easy to use. Our unique intelligent software is designed to minimise costs and harm to the environment by avoiding use of coal and gas when charging. 

Smartlife Energy works with a variety of EV charging systems to provide a wide range of choice – from home and apartment systems through to workplace scenarios, minimising cost and system management. 

The Smartlife user management system makes it easy to authorise access to chargers and optionally allow them to invite other users under that account. This also makes it easy to permanently remove or temporarily restrict access to a charger.  

The Smartlife EV billing system measures on-peak and off-peak usage for billing purposes and reports on usage by carpark or tennant. The enables all the chargers to be run from the same common circuit with one meter, reducing cabling infrastructure costs and meter costs. 

How does it work

Once installed apartment owners and business users can activate any chargers that they are authorised to control through the Smartlife App (some have swipe cards too). They can also share access to others either with or without the ability to on share. 

Users can control the eco mode (eco On for automatic charging or Off to charge asap).

The building owner, building manager or Body corp can see real time loads on the main building and load shedding, access all chargers and obtain usage reports for easy billing. 

The notification and messaging system can be used to report any maintenance requirements and manage resolution. 


The Smartlife App can be seamlessly and easily expanded with a range of integrated options available such as .

  • Let people into the garage and/or unlock the front door and if required open the gate. 
  • View optional garage camera to monitor controlling the garage door remotely
  • Un-set the alarm
  • ‘Goodbye button’ to turn off the A/C, lock the doors, set the alarm, turn off the lights, etc

Many apartments and business owners love having a single place to simply grant and revoke access to the EV chargers, door locks, alarm system etc. without having to change codes all the time. 

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