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Welcome to Smartlife Energy’s FAQs page, where we provide answers to common questions about our innovative energy-saving system. With AI-driven technology, we ensure a constant supply of hot water while minimizing your carbon footprint and reducing energy costs. Discover how our system works, potential savings, and other benefits for your home or workplace.

1. Will I still have hot water all the time?

For most people the Hot water cylinder is large enough to store all the hot water that they normally use over peak time. However if you use a lot of water during peak time such as having a bath you can select “boost” in the App to override and heat it up during the peak time.

2. Do I need to change power companies

Not necessarily.  It’s likely that your current power company will have a day-night or free power hour(s) plan – and if so then you should be able to stay with your current power company, just make sure you’re on the right plan. It’s a good idea to check that you’re on the right plan for your energy needs periodically, the average household would be $300-400 a year better off if they’re on the best plan for them. Go to to easily compare energy pricing.

3. What is involved with the installation

If you have a modern switchboard then your installation is likely to take an electrician less than 30 minutes to physically install and commission. If you want to manage the system via app or web browser this is ready to go immediately, taking no further effort except downloading the App and entering your username and password.

4. Are there any ongoing costs

Not for the standard Smartlife Energy home power saving suite.*

* Assuming you have WiFi coverage where you need it, which is most often the electrical switchboard for your house. If you can’t get WiFi where it’s needed, or if you turn your WiFi off at times, then you can drive the system with a cellular internet connection which has an additional hardware cost and monthly cost.

5. Do I need to download an app

You don’t have to if you don’t want to, you can just leave the system to do its magic on its own.  

If you want to have master control you can download the app or sign in to a web browser.  The most common use for the app is to turn eco-mode on and off e.g. if you have guests staying and want to have more hot water than normal.

6. How will I know I am saving money

From the App or our web portal you can log in to see how your usage is tracking in real time.

7. Where else can I save power in my home

We can also optimize power usage for 

  • EV charging
  • Pools and spa pools
  • Heat pump / air conditioning
  • Underfloor heating

8. How does the Smartlife Energy system actually work

We achieve the power and carbon footprint savings  by automatically shifting the power usage to times when it is  cheaper and greener.

9. Does the Smartlife Energy system improve my carbon footprint

It’s really great for the environment!  Not only do we save you money, but this also will also have a big impact on your carbon footprint.  NZ burns 1 million tonnes of dirty imported Indonesian coal each year to make power.  By switching your energy usage to the clean power in the night you are doing your part to phase this out.

10. Can I use Smartlife Energy in my work environment

Most likely.  We have a suite of commercial offerings for businesses and large buildings, For more information call or email us, or visit our partner’s website 

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