Fast EV charger

4x faster than a ‘standard’ cable

7.4kW charger + cable(s) of your choice. Very well priced for a fast charger with great intelligent software features.

Features and options

  • Remotely start and stop the charging
  • Selecting Eco mode- automatically schedules charging to reduce cost and Greenhouse Gas from non renewable energy sources
  • Dynamic load balance to monitor your house hold current and avoid overloading.
  • Control the charging current and the charging speed
  • Set a maximum percentage charge to help look after your battery (some EVs not supported)

Which cable do I need? 

  • Most Japanese imports have a Type 1 charging port
  • All NZ new EVs have a Type 2 charging port

Please contact us if you are unsure which cable to order.


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Smart EV charger with DLB dynamic load balance, App control, scheduled charging and adjustable charge rate.

The charger has a Type 2 socket on the front and comes with a 5m cable. Please select Type 1 or Type 2 cable.


Scheduled charging – edit and add multiple schedules.

Dynamic load balance to monitor your house hold current.

32A 7.2KW Charging or vary the charge rate from the app.

RFID card control.

IP54 weather proof and can be mounted outdoors with no issues.

Input cable can be installed from the bottom or the back to hide the cable.

Led indicator ring light around the charge port

OCCP 1.6j Compatible

App compatible with Apple and Android

This charger is able to add around 50km of charge per hour to your car.


200mm x 330mm x 132mm

Weight 2.4kg

Safety features

Over Temperature protection

Overload Current protection

Over/under voltage protection

Earth monitoring

DC and AC leakage protection (No need to install a Type B RCD)

Lightning protection

Installers: A dedicated 40A Type A RCD + MCB or 40a Type A RCBO must be used on the supply circuit. No Type B RCD required when installing as the unit has a built in RCD-DD (integrated DC leakage detection) that complies with IEC62955 & IEC 61851.

As per Worksafe (Addendum to Electric vehicle charging safety guidelines – 2nd edition)

Wifi is required for setup. A Wifi extender is recommended if the signal is too low at the charger. 


3 years

Which cable do I need? 

Intelligent app-driven EV charging

Our intelligent EV home chargers connect through Wi-Fi to  the charge management app on your phone. This makes it super easy to do things like

  • Schedule charging or simply select eco mode to avoid charging at peak times which are more costly and often use non renewable energy 
  • Charging See how long it will take to charge each time
  • Remotely check how full your battery is in real time while it’s charging – if your EV supports this functionality (note: not all EVs enable this feature)
Cable Type

Type 1 cable, Type 2 cable, Both cables


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