HVAC Smart : tabletop

Heat pump Air con optimiser

The HVAC Smart optimises your power usage via a combination of AI driven intelligence and your personal scheduling and options.

HVAC Smart will help you to easily use much more of the clean green power in off-peak times, and less of the expensive and coal burning on-peak power, saving more than one hundred dollars per year for an average household

  • Easy on-off toggle for Eco mode => ‘set & forget’, let AI do the hard work
  • Schedule: Preset a schedule to automatically manage HVAC timing e.g. in winter you can get it to heat up your house before you wake up, when the power is cheaper & greener


$0/Per month

You can self install.  Requires USB power and line of sight from unit to heat pump. 


Multiple HVAC units

  • If you have more than one HVAC  in your home then you may want to put a HVAC Smart on more than one.  To do this, just increase the number of units you’re purchasing and this website will update the order.


2 years 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to find out more.


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