Hot Water Smart (installed)

Use power at the right time of day

The Water Smart optimises your power usage via a combination of AI driven intelligence and your personal scheduling and options.

Water Smart will help you to easily use much more of the clean green power in off-peak times, and less of the expensive and coal burning on-peak power, saving hundred of dollars per year for an average household

  • Easy on-off toggle for Eco mode => ‘set & forget’, let AI do the hard work
  • Schedule: Preset a schedule to automatically manage hot water timing
  • Away Mode: Preset a different power use pattern for when you’re not home

Wifi driven

  • This product only works when it has an active wifi connection. If you change your wifi provider then it will need to be re-enrolled into the network, which you can do yourself, or a technician can do it for a one-off charge of $100

Cellular driven

  • This product works as long as it has connection to the cellphone network. Please contact Smartlife Energy for more information and pricing.


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Generally requires 2-4 hours for installation, which is included in the price below.



  • Hot Water Smart still works if you have Ripple in use in your house and will still save you money & carbon emissions, however it will likely save you a lot less, we guess most likely about half as much.  So if your payback period on a Hot Water Smart without Ripple is 3 years, it will likely be 6 years for a Ripple house.

Multiple hot water cylinders

  • If you have more than one electric hot water cylinder in your home then you may want to put a Hot Water Smart controller on more than one.  To do this, just increase the number of units you’re purchasing and this website will update the order.



2 years

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to find out more.

Connectivity Type

Wifi driven, Cellular driven


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