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How much money will you save?

This depends a lot on the power usage patterns of your household, but as a general thought pattern: If you’re a ‘standard NZ household’ with pretty standard habits, a power bill generally above $200 per month, then you should be able to save more than 30% of your power cost, as well as significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

If this is the case then we’d expect a Water Smart to save you $300+ per year, so it might have around a 3 year payback.  If you have a swimming pool, spa pool or EV to charge then the payback might be a lot shorter than this, just by self installing a Smartlife Smart Plug.

With our mid and fast EV chargers the main benefit tends to be convenience, and always knowing you can keep your car charged enough for the journeys you need to do, however if you do a lot of miles then the time shifting faster charge might have a good payback, because you can let the charger start charging when the power is cheap & green.

Feel free to contact us to discuss this further, or someone can get in touch with you for a free quote if you’d like, which includes some commentary on this subject.

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