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New Zealand burns coal & gas to make around 15% of its electricity, which produces more than about 33 million tonnes of CO2!  A decent proportion of this is for household use, and it mostly happens during the peak hours before and after work.  Outside of the peak times, the power is much cheaper and much greener.

It’s quite hard – in some cases impossible – for you to manually ‘time shift’ your power use, especially without causing interruptions to your needs e.g. you always want hot water when you need it!

Luckily for you Smartlife has spent millions of dollars on software to make it super easy for you to seamlessly ‘time shift’, and in the process achieve other great outcomes e.g. such as looking after the battery in your EV better.

Click on ‘Shop’ in the Menu bar to start your cleaner, cheaper power journey, potentially saving your household hundreds of dollars per year and a big chunk of carbon footprint.

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